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“ Ex-Guard has saved me twice already on the same truck. Both times there was no damage to the truck, and the guard's center section was easily replaceable. I hit a deer at 40 mph and also had a trailer back up into my truck in a grain line. Even slow speed accidents such as these could have destroyed my hood and taken out my radiator. My truck is nice and safe! ” Robert Brackett | Owner TURBO TURTLE LOGISTICS OMAHA, NEBRASKA “ We run Kenworth, International, Peter- bilt and Freightliner trucks. Since switching 42 trucks over to the Ex-Guard XG-125 and XG-150 model grille guards, we’ve been very impressed with their performance and will not run any other brand of front-end protection. These grille guards are designed excep- tionally well. The coating is far superior to any competing guards and if something must be replaced such as hardware or the upper section of the guard, it installs seam- lessly. We hope to install Ex-Guard on all 140 units we run. As a service manager, I love these guards and they are a pleasure to service and maintain. ” John “Bucky” Falish | Shop Team Leader CONTRACT TRANSPORT SERVICES GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN

“ Since installing your product, we estimate that we have already recov- ered our costs of the product. Having Ex- Guards on our fleet has saved us from front end damage such as parking lot collisions, animals, and cars on icy roads. Our drivers like the product and the extra security they provide. ” Jeff Holmes | Director of Maintenance

“ Ex-Guards are easy to put on and easy to fold down. We have them on all of our night and line haul trucks and have been really im- pressed with them. NTC has run some other brands previously but they didn’t hold up and our hoods would still be lost when the guard bent back into the hood. In short, the Ex-Guard is a heck of a guard! ” Dave Brening | Maintenance NEBRASKA TRANSPORT COMPANY (NTC) GERING, NEBRASKA “ Ex-Guard has been a key factor in protecting our fleet night after night. With the dangers of running hundreds of miles through our extensive line haul operation, having a reliable product to count on is one of our keys to success. The quality and durability of their product is exceptional, and the customer service is second to none. Time and time again they have shown us how they are a world class organization by standing by their product with exceptional service and response time. Exceeding our expectations on every transaction is the reason why we will be partnering with Ex-Guard for years to come. ” Jeremy Cutchens | VP of Operations VALLEY CARTAGE HUDSON, WISCONSIN


“ We have hit numerous deer, had a few stationary vehicle incidents, and one acci- dent involving a stationary steel post filled with concrete. A ll of these incidents would have been much more expensive to repair had it not been for the Ex-Guard . Before we started using your guards, we would typically see bumper, hood, head light, grill, and/ or radiator damages when we had a deer strike. Our newest series of trucks also has a small but very expensive radar unit that has survived strikes with no damage due to the Ex-Guard protection. We look forward to using the guards on all of our future trucks, and thank you for a well made, easy to install and use product that has positively impacted our company. ” Dave Allison | Senior Vice President

“ Ex-Guard has been an invaluable addition to our fleet. We average 200-400 animal strikes a year, not counting all of the minor dings and scrapes encountered during normal operations. Before we started using Ex-Guard, animal strikes were catastrophic events which included loss of the cooling package, towing, and extended downtime. We started using deer guards 4-5 years ago and the financial impact and down- time of an animal strikes have been greatly reduced. We probably saved around $400k the first year alone. With the deer guard you still may encounter a cracked bumper or busted headlight; however, the truck is still drivable in most cases. In fact, we have deer guards that have taken 4-5 animal strikes and still running strong. We simply can’t afford not to run Ex-Guards on our trucks. ” Allen Caldwell | Manager Maintenance Technology FIRSTFLEET, INC. MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE

“ Jones Logistics has been using the Ex- Guard model XG-125 for approx. 2 years now. We investigated and tried many options to reduce the cost of deer and animal re- lated incidents, with very minimal success. In Sept of 2015, our salesman made us aware of the Ex-Guard brand bumper guards. At this time we had already spent over $29,000 on deer related accidents. We tried 5 units wondering how we would monitor success. In December of that same year, one of the trucks that had the bumper guard ran into a deer... dead center of the hood... ZERO damage to my truck. We quickly purchased more. I am currently down to less than $6000 a year for deer related accidents and am still in the process of outfitting my fleet with Ex-Guard equipment. I highly recom- mend their product...because it WORKS! ” Bryan Stewart | Director of Maintenance JONES LOGISTICS COLUMBIA, MISSISSIPPI

“ Since purchasing the Ex-Guard XG-150 for our entire OTR fleet over a year ago, we have experienced around 20 deer collisions, a couple of moose collisions and one elk collision. These collisions have only ever resulted in headlight damage – a far cry from the damaged grilles, headlights and radiators that we once experi- enced. We have also had numerous bump-ins at travel stops where tractor/trailers and auto- mobiles have backed into our equipment, and none of these have resulted in any damage to our equipment. Without a doubt, these bumper guards have been one of the best investments we have made in recent years. If any decision maker is concerned about the ROI on this product, rest assured, the return can be realized within the first 12-18 months factoring in repair costs, lost revenue due to downtime and other indirect costs. ” Craig Poole | Vice President QUEST GLOBAL CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA


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