Ex-Guard 2023 Catalog

“ Maintenance-Free with no latch issues. We run this product on our entire fleet . When we had a drunk driver slam into our truck it just bent our Ex-Guard [XG-150], totaling his car, we came out unscathed! Made me a Believer! ” Heath Focht | PRESIDENT | HFC INC. | SIDNEY, IA


VERSATILITY Universal: Mounting brackets allow seamless transfer from truck to truck. Why should you have to reinvest in another guard when your truck’s life runs its course? CMS Compatible: We have guards that are CMS compatible with every brand. Low Maintenance: You don’t have to remove an Ex-Guard ® to wash your truck. Durable, weatherproof PVC coating that withstands impacts and road wear to prevent rusting. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! TM





EX-GUARD SAVES OVER $10,000 HEADLIGHTS - $800 GRILLE - $800 BUMPER - $1,000 HOOD - $4,000 COLLISION MITIGATION - $4,200 _________________________ $10,800 + TOWING, LABOR, FREIGHT LOSS, & DOWNTIME!

How much coverage do you need? The expense of replacing your headlight is often times the equivalent expense of an Ex-Guard. After just one hit, an Ex-Guard pays for itself many times over. How should you choose coverage? How many bumpers, lights, hoods, collision-mitigation systems, etc…are you replacing? The cost of an Ex-Guard is

generally less than an unpainted hood! To schedule a consultation, email GETPROTECTED@EX-GUARD.COM or call 888.902.2777.



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